The Internet is your computer!

What is the next paradigm? Discover it

You are not tied down to one device or OS anymore

The Internet, the Cloud and the Friend Unifying Platform have changed how we perceive computing forever.

Many connected devices

Have your own computing environment available to you on all of your devices wherever you go. Computers become terminals as the OS moves into the cloud.

Liquid software features

Liquid applications move from device to device. We have reimagined and built an OS that is distributed between your devices and servers on the internet.

Based on web technologies

By basing its UI on HTML5, the user experience becomes incredibly powerful and dynamic. Everything from games to applications can run anywhere.

Open Source Software

FriendUP is available on GitHub, using well known open source licenses. This way, you can easily leverage our technology in your own projects.

The Friend Unifying Platform

Now it is time for a new operating system that is designed for the cloud. Each individual user, as well as companies all over the world need the time tested components offered by an operating system while they demand the flexibility of the cloud. FriendUP combines powerful cloud technology and an innovative Liquid Software Kernel to enable a new paradigm of functionality in a traditional but modern, responsive desktop environment.

Why FriendUP?

The Friend Unifying Platform is available at a time when the internet is full of competing cloud platforms. Here are some major points that explains why you should choose FriendUP and why it is different.

Runs in a browser

Our desktop environment, Friend Workspace, runs without any plugins in a browser tab. This means that it works on any modern device, from a smart phone to a workstation.


Share your Friend applications outside of the Friend Workspace. Friend apps are highly distributable, allowing for embedding in websites and web based applications. Reach any target group with ease!

OS features

Being a meta operating system, FriendUP offers a range of features only found in real operating systems like Linux or Windows. File systems, modules, libraries and even a CLI.

Open ended

Even though it has a focus on the cloud, FriendUP can be used for anything, just like any other operating system. Use it to serve a single app or build a rich social service.


Meet the other developers!

Friend Developer Forum

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