Friend | The internet OS – bringing you the first open source virtual cloud computer

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The Internet OS

Friend | The Internet OS

Friend | The Internet OS

We give you a personal cloud computer that can be accessed anywhere from any device.



Because privacy matters

The internet is changing, and the need to safely store your private data has increased! The Friend Cloud Computer is the ultimate hybrid cloud solution where you know where your data is stored while you are on the go, always having access to your workspace.

Cloud Storage

Full control over where your data is stored and who has access. Privacy and security as cornerstones of your private cloud.

Application distribution

Convenient access to any application on any device. All in a coherent user experience with a single login

Awesome Collaboration

Built-in collaboration with all data stored on your private cloud. Secure p2p communication and client side encryption.

The ultimate development platform

Friend is the open source operating system for the internet: deploy across the globe to any device. Focus on your core application functionality and make use of window management, file systems, user management and device adaption provided by our operating system.

Secure user access

One single, secure login. Workgroup support. Many authentication methods available like oAuth, 2-factor authentication (2FA), private/public key.

Rapid application development

As an operating system, Friend provides developers with really powerful tools.

Blockchain & decentralization

Our modern architecture allow a complete decentralisation of our system and the seamless integration of Blockchain technology.

Solutions for a modern IT infrastructure

Friend allows IT departments to reduce operational cost and gain access to modern innovations in the information technology sector. Significantly reduce project timeframes and cost through intelligent integration of legacy and web applications in the same stack. Make use of computer templates and deploy in seconds.


What people say about us.

“The first true platform for liquid software” / “Hogne Titlestad is the new Linus Torvalds”

Prof. Pekka Abrahamson

"Every once in a while a company comes along with the expertise and vision to transform an industry. Friend could do just that.”

One of our investors

“Friend has engaged the liquid software revolution by stabilising the ocean of different machines. This may lead to a world digital tsunami...”

Francois Lionet


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