Friend Unifying Platform – the first open source virtual cloud computer

Simple global deployment

Friend is a powerful platform for developers. It connects arbitrary technologies and deploys them onto the internet. It reduces development overhead by providing a framework for user, access and file management. Additionally, it offers a graphical user interface with a window manager that works on every platform that has a web browser. Here, developers can tune their environment and manage their cloud resources.

Friend lets developers connect their applications to other apps running on the network to unleash functionality never seen before. Its technology enables creation of distributed systems that allow applications to share data and functionality -  code, compute, and storage - dynamically and cooperatively among two, or many, nodes to offer scale, efficiency, and truly best-of-breed features and capabilities across any work domains.

By providing virtual computer templates Friend also lets organisations deploy applications and services with zero deployment cost.

The operating environment for the Internet

Friend is the operating environment that unifies web applications and gives them an ecosystem to thrive in. Friend offers a coherent user interface across all devices.

Powerful open source technology

Friend is a free and open source web based technology that provides interfaces which unify APIs and protocols. The internet is now in your hands!


“The first true platform for liquid software” / “Hogne Titlestad is the new Linus Torvalds”

Professor Pekka Abrahamson

"Every once in a while a company comes along with the expertise and vision to transform an industry. Friend could do just that.”

One of our investors

“Friend has engaged the liquid software revolution by stabilising the ocean of different machines. This may lead to a world digital tsunami...”

Francois Lionet

How will you use your Friend Cloud Computer?

The Friend Unifying Platform is a ready to use virtual computer. It aims to be a liquid software solution that decouples applications from the underlying hardware thus providing people with a digital environment they can access anywhere.

The decentralised internet

The new internet is decentralised. Users connect directly to each other and use devices connected at the edge to power their experience. Small micro servers cache and serve data, relay services and application input events. It is a new paradigm, and Friend takes it to a new level by using it to power your Workspace and computer.

We believe the Ethereum blockchain will continue to develop to become the golden standard for a global scalable blockchain. We see current limitations being worked on and removed so that the possibilities on the Ethereum blockchain will not be limited by slow computation, expensive transactions and slow transaction execution.

After having developed Friend as a server platform for commercial use for over three years, we are now turning it into a networked server solution using encryption, decentralisation and blockchain technology. This means that anyone can access their Friend Cloud Computers at any time. It means that people’s computing needs can be decoupled from any specific hardware or software company.

Friend provides simple unified access


TUTORIAL: How to install Friend Unifying Platform on Linux

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Your digital home

Friend is your home in the cloud. It allows you to easily and securely access all your data, applications and services wherever you are and on whatever device you are using.


Friend is a social computer allowing you to easily interact with your friends and colleagues around the world.


Blockchain technology and other decentralised services will allow you to store all your data securely while still being able to access it from anywhere.