About the Friend Unifying Platform

The Friend Unifying Platform is a project that envisions computing without borders.

The Friend Unifying Platform is a powerful open source framework that will allow developers to decouple their applications from technology silos. It will empower developers to swiftly deploy on and integrate with Ethereum and other decentralised technologies in a new blockchain based infrastructure, the Friend Network.

The Friend Network enables secure, global access to personal virtual Friend Cloud Computers that simplify, augment and enhance the use of the Ethereum blockchain for everyone that is connected to the internet. Through this cloud computer network, decentralised applications can be deployed and distributed in seconds.

Friend makes it easy to connect to arbitrary technologies and deploy them on the internet. It reduces development overhead by providing a functionality that covers user access, distribution, file management and much more.

Our mission

We want to decouple computing needs  from any specific hardware or software company.

Friend Whitepaper

We have decided to publish a whitepaper to get feedback on the way we communicate and to check if our mission is understood as we intend it to. Feel free to give feedback to any of the authors via email or post onto our Slack.