Five Pillars of Friend

The Five Pillars of Friend

Friend tries to attain the value of five words. Freedom. Intelligence. Empowerment. Privacy. Integration. These values are found in the very soul of the platform — all read in the perspective of the platform as your Friend.


Freedom is the driving force of peace. Freedom of choice. Freedom of movement. Freedom of thought. Freedom to innovate. Freedom to speak and communicate. Our project seeks to protect these freedoms by spreading Friend far and wide, turning over the ownership of the technology to the users themselves. The platform offers all users a choice in tools that are available anywhere they travel. Tools to conceptualise ideas. They can build their own apps online and distribute them in seconds. They can communicate using powerful instant messaging and peer-to-peer video conferencing software available to anyone on the internet. And they can do all of this on any computer with an internet connection, untied from any single device.



Intelligence is fundamental to personal growth. It protects our freedom by allowing us to solve problems and make informed decisions. We want to help advance people’s personal development by enriching their intelligence through access to data. Intelligence through access to data processing. Through access to applications. Through accessible and easy to use services that can automate mundane tasks. Friend is a platform that will stand by your side and help you get more insight into your life.




Empowerment is the distribution of opportunity through capability. By making Friend free and open, anyone from all over the world gets access to powerful tools and vast storage space. It helps distribute increased access to education, employment opportunities and upward mobility. Friend users are powerful. And they get unrestricted access to build their future without needing to pay for the service — lowering the bar for personal empowerment all over the world.




Privacy is important to achieve a functioning democracy. The ability to keep secrets is not only good for the individual, but it is good for protecting others from raw unarticulated information that can be wielded to seed false narratives and misunderstandings. Privacy also protects the individual from structural or corporate abuse, where your data is sought for money and control. In Friend, we work vigorously to protect users’ privacy. By encrypting on the user’s own device, we protect the data before it is stored on the server. By allowing anonymous access to the Friend Network, we allow the user to choose if, how and when to expose his or her identity.



Integration is a way to simplify. Digital structures are getting increasingly complex, and by integrating data, devices and services, we try to organise the complexity in simpler forms. By aggregating a user’s piece of the internet pie into a Workspace, it can clean up the information into disks, directories and applications — it allows a user to clean up the internet like you would clean up a room in book shelves, drawers, devices, furniture and ornamentation. And it allows a user to integrate his or her digital life.


Friend is a humanitarian project. It was built on the dream of a truly free and future proof operating environment protected from corporate interests, financial limitations and enforced paradigms. It is built as an emergent and internet embedded infrastructure that seeks to distribute opportunity and capability to anyone with no discrimination.