Web applications

FriendUP is compatible with web applications. It is built using web technologies – the applications that you are used to using online can all populate your Friend Workspace.

Friend applications

The Friend Workspace has its own set of APIs and protocols that take web applications to the next level. Friend applications are fully integrated into the FriendUP nexus of cloud technologies. These apps sport pull down menus, managed windows and a whole range of modern GUI controls. They are localized, responsive and blazing fast!

Windows applications

By routing through the Mitra application stack, you can use Windows applications directly in the Friend Workspace. By integrating through the RDP protocol, the Windows applications seem like they are native web applications. Drag & drop files from Friend disk drives directly into your Windows applications and copy and paste text like you are used to. The Windows app capability allows you to move your entire digital office tool-chain into the cloud.