Friend Developer’s Forum released

We just published our developer’s forum. As we are have released Release Candidate 3, we are closer to the final version and ready to put our developers into phase 2. Friend is ready for developers to produce real world applications and utilities. To help make this happen, we are editing video tutorials, documentation […]

San Francisco gets reacquainted with FriendUP

The European FriendUP team visited the San Francisco Bay Area to present the platform and to work with the US team. After meeting with many well known software companies we (yet again) reaffirmed that the FriendUP technology is duly timed as the software market is moving to the cloud. Computer networks are […]

Friend Community is “soft-launched” to beta testers

To help with bringing our community members closer together, we have “soft-launched” our Friend Community site and FriendUP application to our beta testers. This is part of our larger strategy of building a vibrant user and developer community where ideas and experiences are shared and where activity can be concentrated. […]

Event presenting the upcoming RC3 in Stavanger, Norway

Friend Software Corporation is giving a presentation and interactive demo at KåKå Katedralen in Stavanger, Norway. Here, we will be showing off the latest version of our upcoming release of the Friend Unifying Platform. Additionally, we will be presenting our vision of how Friend can help bring the cloud closer […]

Meta computer

The internet is your computer. Use any device, all over the world. Tune into your meta system.

Friend Unifying Platform RC2 available

Friend Software Labs is proud to present FriendUP Release Candidate 2. This release sports numerous fixes and some additional new features. Please check your closest beta server and log in with your username and password. You do not have a username and password? Please register for your beta account here.