San Francisco gets reacquainted with FriendUP

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The European FriendUP team visited the San Francisco Bay Area to present the platform and to work with the US team. After meeting with many well known software companies we (yet again) reaffirmed that the FriendUP technology is duly timed as the software market is moving to the cloud. Computer networks are maturing at an astounding pace, and operating systems need to be retooled to work with a distributed topography.

FriendUP is uniquely equipped to handle fragmented cloud infrastructures by centralizing them on the client device. This allows an unobtrusive integration of applications and networked resources.

The Californian tech industry is very open to the outside world. Its highly competent specialists are keen to share their insights into technology as well as business strategy. This makes frequent visits essential as we move our project forward in tune with the bleeding edge of software innovations and make the right strategic choices for the future.

A big thank you goes out to our friends and partners by the Pacific. See you next time!