Welcome to
Friend - THE internet OS.

Welcome to Friend - THE internet OS.

We welcome leading investors such as yourself.

For those who are looking to make larger contributions, greater than $10,000 we are offering special bonuses not available to anyone else.

We strongly encourage you to check out our whitepaper and one pager.



In order to realize our vision, we intend to arrange an initial contribution offering and create a token for use on the Friend Network and in the Friend Store.

All you need to know about the Friend Unifying Platform ICO/TGE


By transferring funds to the pre-sale, you accept the terms in given in the registration process. Also, you agree that Friend Network AS can use part of or all of the pre-sale amount collected on a “best efforts basis” to complete the ICO.


The Friend Unifying Platform is a powerful open source framework that will allow developers to decouple their applications from technology silos. It will empower developers to swiftly deploy on and integrate with Ethereum and other decentralised technologies in a new blockchain based cloud infrastructure, the Friend Network - where participants share ownership over the infrastructure and get rewarded in tokens.

About our pre-sale

While we prepare our Ethereum Smart Contract based crowdfunding we will have a pre-sale for Friend Network Tokens that will allow contributions both in fiat and Ether.

All participants in the pre-sale will receive an additional 20% of tokens on top of their contribution as a sign of our gratitude for their commitment to Friend. Contributors who wish to participate in the pre-sale can register and contribute.


We have written a Whitepaper to describe the reasoning behind our ICO.


Our roadmap gives you insight into the fantastic things to come.


Frequently asked questions around our crowdfunding

Try it out

We have set up a demo environment for everyone to try.

Bounty program

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One pager

Friend explained a short as possible.

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The five pillars of Friend

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