The grand vision

Our grand vision

Friend is the first cloud platform owned by its users. It provides an open source cloud computer that puts the user into the driver seat.

Friend is a great deployment platform. It lets you deploy your cloud application in seconds.

Friend is your home in the cloud. It allows you to easily and securely access all your applications, data and services wherever you are and on whatever device you are using.

You decide where to store your data. Blockchain technology and other decentralized services will allow you to store all your data securely while still being able to access it from anywhere.

Friend brings together your leisure applications, games and the rest of your digital life - wallets, documents and work applications.

Friend gives you a social cloud computer allowing you to easily interact with your friends and colleagues around the world. Use virtual rooms for collaboration, shared applications and fully control what you share with whom.

Friend will revolutionize the appspace. Anybody can create, distribute and monetize on apps without the need for own infrastructure.

Friend gives you a powerful secure cloud computer.
Anywhere. Anytime. On any device.

The vision as we explained it in 2015