The virtual cloud computer

The virtual computer for the next internet

Much time is wasted on setting up custom computing environments for users in many different settings. Universities spend many hours installing software and supporting their students in each semester. In fact, IT departments in companies and organizations all over the world are overloaded with work to simply give access to software on the many different devices owned by their users.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy and quick solution where you could get people up and running within minutes?

Friend lets anyone create their own virtual computer in seconds. After choosing a template that suits their needs – even visual preferences – they can set up their software in the Friend Network. Applications like email, web based and Windows applications or disk space. The administrator generates key strings that are used for access. Users simply click a link and identify themselves, and they are transported to their cloud desktop with all the software they need to start working right away.

Friend Cloud Computer templates

Our Friend Cloud Computer templates will allow developers and organisatios to give users access to a virtual cloud computer that is ready for use right after logging in. It is a multitasking work space where organisations can create custom configurations for their different user groups and make onboarding fast and hassle-free.

All aspects of the virtual Friend Cloud Computer can be modified: default applications, themes (Windows, iOS, Friend, Linux, other), and storage access control (both user- and group specific as well as personal and shared drives). Different sets of settings and links to resources can be stored as templates. This way, your users may focus on their tasks instead of losing time on setting up their personal accounts.

Liquid software

Our team is working to implement the liquid software paradigm. A liquid application  runs independently from the device the user is running it on. Switching to a new device does not affect functionality or data flow. Friend aims to be the first true liquid software operating environment, offering applications that can move from device to device while they are running.

Access legacy applications

While Friend applications are most powerful when being developed natively for the platform we also made sure that legacy applications can be made available across devices and locations. We use a web optimised framework for optimal user experience and responsivity also on slower connections.

Cloud Computer Workspace

Why create a virtual computer that runs on the internet

In an ever more interconnected world, the internet has become an integral part of modern society. Access to it has even been proposed as a basic human right. In fact, for better or for worse, huge slabs of day to day life have already been digitized, leaving certain institutions and many occupations behind. We have come to depend on the internet for many of the things that used to be our private concern. Even a big part of our personal property is digital these days, and our data are being traded and redistributed online with or without our consent.

Despite the rise of the internet age, the vehicles we use to travel on the digital highways are for the most part proprietary. As if by design, huge international companies have claimed ownership over our digital destiny. They track our activity, even while we are in our own private homes. Taxing the things we do through targeted advertising. Herding us into their centralized market arenas.

Today, a handful of companies control the internet routes, and can potentially disable or block parts of the internet at will. This is the proprietary internet at play – and it is now being challenged by technology that promises to utterly decentralize the global web of networks.

As if by fate, most web browsers are open source. They have been allowed into our collective hands to shape the future of communication. And by the power of this great technology, we can now build systems far removed from the persistent grasp of corporations. We can bring back the same type of privacy that people have enjoyed in their homes - in their digital devices.

Friend offers a new way of operating – and indeed interoperating – with other people and other computers, connected via the World Wide Web. And it offers this in a coherent way, with a unifying technology that brings systems together. Allowing for seamless integration across the expanse of the Web, Friend simplifies the use of computers at the same time as it offers privacy and property to everyone through decentralization and encryption.

It signals in a new era in interoperability and collaboration, where communication is inherent and offers a computing environment that is always available. Even when your personal device is not.