Event presenting the upcoming RC3 in Stavanger, Norway

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Friend Software Corporation is giving a presentation and interactive demo at KåKå Katedralen in Stavanger, Norway. Here, we will be showing off the latest version of our upcoming release of the Friend Unifying Platform. Additionally, we will be presenting our vision of how Friend can help bring the cloud closer to the user.

In Q1 this year, we will release FriendUP One, the first Meta Operating System for the cloud that will be available as both open source software (MIT/AGPLv3) as well as a commercially supported business platform.

To build momentum towards its release, we have run an open beta program where users and developers have been able to participate in the development process. Now, in Release Candidate 3, we are closer than ever to being able to show off the full width of the project and to publicly unveil it to the world.

Attendance is free. We open the doors at 14:00 GMT+1, the 23’rd of February 2017.

Sign up using Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/916102958436185/

See you there!