Crowdfunding - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Token Generating Event is live from 15. June - 09:00 CEST.

You have to register and get whitelisted before you can contribute.

Where can I find the bounty program?

We have published our bounty program at Bitcointalk. All information and sign-up links are
published there.

How can I contribute with the Ether I have on my Coinbase account?

As Coinbase and similiar account cannot hold ERC20 tokens these are unsuitable to receive FRND
during our Token Generating Event. In order to participate in our TGE you need to set a suitable
wallet and transfer your Ether to that wallet before contributing in our crowdfunding. See "What
kind of wallet must I use to be able to receive my tokens?

Where can I send my contribution

Our ICO smart contract address is 0x7C33F3d417eF65A5299998bf7bBD35921963336c.

Always always double check the address! We publish it here, in the registration tool and on our Facebook page.

My transaction did not go through

As our pre-sale is handled by a smart contract the gas for contributions to our crowdsale
contract must be set to 120 000
to make sure the transactions get executed as expected. The
default gas setting of 21 000 works only for transactions to wallets.

What kind of wallet must I use to be able to receive my tokens?

The Friend Network Token is an ERC20 compatible token. So any wallet that can hold this kind of
token works. Examples here include hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S, or wallets like
MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. These are just three examples. We strongly recommend every
participant to read up on the possibilities. Marketplaces like Tokenmarket or The Merkle keep
lists over compatible wallets.

How many tokens do I get for every ETH?

1 ETH = 20 000 FRND - early contributors receive 15%, 10% or 5% bonus tokens. See our whitepaper for details

Is there a minimum or maximum that I can contribute to FRND?

We accept any amount of love you wish to give starting with 0.1 ETH (min)

Will there be any more FRND tokens generated?

No, the total supply of FRND is 2 billion, and it will not be possible to mine them, nor will we
generate more.

I have contributed, how and when will I get my tokens?

Tokens will be allocated at the start of the token generation event, to the wallets from which you
have sent the ETH from. Please make sure to send them from an ETH supported wallet and not
an exchange.

Who can participate in the TGE?

Anyone with an approved KYC (Know Your Customer) and whitelisted wallet address can participate.

Why are we raising so much?

We are changing the world of software and even hardware technology with FriendUP, and we
want to make sure we have all of the necessary resources to be able to do so. And we want to
provide the best possible services to our users and believers in Friend as fast as we can.

Will any unsold tokens be burned?

No, we will only generate tokens according to the contributions received. There will be no new
tokens generated after the TGE/ICO.
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