The Friend Unifying Platform is a treasure chest of features for developers and users alike. While aiming to free us from platform and architecture restrictions, we discovered and implemented many powerful new technologies while at the same time improving on and including features that are commonly found in web technologies.

User features

A fully featured desktop in a browser tab

The Friend Workspace can be accessed using a modern web browser. Type in your Friend URL in browser tab to log in and be instantly transported to your cloud desktop environment. You now have access to work and play using any web enabled device, wherever you are in the world.

Instant messaging and video chat

Collect all your friends and contacts in Friend Chat, our built-in instant messaging and video conferencing application. Friend Chat uses peer-to-peer technology and secure encryption to allow you privacy while communicating online.

Platform agnostic applications (Windows and Web applications side by side)

Use Windows applications directly in the Friend Workspace, no matter which device you are using. Access platform specific functionality abstracted through our HTML5 applications.

Multi-session capability

The Friend Unifying platform can be used on all of your web enabled devices*. Because of this, we implemented support for session management – allowing you to log into your account from many different devices at the same time. Get a list of your active sessions and manage these from each device.

Responsive design, use any device

In FriendUP, we are mixing desktop metaphors. When using a touch screen device, we automatically change the User Interface to follow the GUI design that is so successful on Android, iOS and others. Use gestures and swipe the screen to traverse menus. Applications automatically change their layout to suit your screen.

File management, file sharing

Use listviews or icon views to manage your files using drag & drop, file clipboard and compression. FriendUP allows you to manage files on all of your storage devices that you connect to your Workspace. Edit file permissions and share your files or disks with your friends and contacts.

Customizable desktop environment

Manage your windows using a task bar, or simply integrate your windows in your dock. The Friend Workspace allows you to customize your desktop environment so that you can feel at home, no matter if you prefer a Mac like environment or a Windows like environment.

Support for an unlimited amount of storage space

Add your Dropbox™ drive to your Workspace. Add multiple Friend RemoteFS drives to access your own cloud storage on your own servers. In FriendUP, multiple file system drivers allow you to expand your storage space indefinitely. Each storage device can host everything from movies to applications that you can view and run in the cloud.


Work together with your friends using FriendUP’s collaboration tools. Access your calendars in one unified widget. Book meetings and add events. Integrate with Microsoft Exchange, VTiger and other systems to have a total overview with the click of a button. Drag & drop calendar events into instant messaging chats and chat rooms. Receive events from your contacts across the internet.

Application sharing

Share access to one of your web applications with friends. Use drag & drop to distribute access using Friend Chat or create a permanent link so that your contacts can access the application at a later time.


Use the Friend Workspace in your own language. FriendUP is currently available in English and Norwegian, with several additional languages in the pipeline.

Graphical system management

Manage your cloud server using easy to use graphical web applications. The Friend Workspace gives you access to administrate your users, applications and resources using a System: disk. Packaged here, all your options are available in organized directories by category.


Each application running in the Friend Workspace has to adhere to rigid security restrictions to make sure that your system is protected against offending application software. Each application gets sandboxed in its own security domain and each API call is secured based on user level and application security settings.

Multiple app targets

If you are not content with running the Friend Workspace in a browser tab, deploy using our Android or iOS apps, or gain access using our enhanced Windows application to open access to your client side hardware devices.

Developer features

Themable, bare bones GUI toolkit

Using common web technologies, the Friend Workspace implements a bare bones GUI toolkit that allows application developers to utilize their existing HTML5 skill set. Build responsive GUIs using HTML templates and standardized CSS classes together with simple Javascript GUI classes.

“Backendless” development

FriendUP blurs the lines between the server and your client device. This allows you to develop rich applications without having to worry about server programming. FriendUP offers a range of simple Javascript classes that abstract the capabilities of the friend server. This allows you to develop your application in pure HTML5 and Javascript on the client side.

Protocol agnistic applications

FriendUP can upgrade your HTTP requests to Web socket requests transparently. This allows you to speed up your application to avoid too many network round trips.

Server notifications

Our Liquid Software Kernel calls your application when important events are occurring on the server. This cuts down application complexity and allows real time synchronization between the server state and your application.

Web server compatability

Friend Core is written to generate secure, virtual base directories for web applications. This allows you to migrate your existing web applications directly to the Friend Workspace. Get up and running with your existing application in hours.

Asset bundling / compilation (for CSS, Javascript)

Easily reduce loading times by combining Javascripts or stylesheets in compact, bundled files.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) support

Friend Core has a modular login mechanism, allowing you to develop your own authentication modules. Use two-factor authentication or integrate with an existing user database.

Multi-user application networks

Tie multiple users together to a single web application. Share input events and variables through the server. With a few adaptations, you can turn any Javascript application into a multi-user applications using web sockets and Friend Core’s ASSID networking “rooms”.

Extend the server using modules

Write server modules in any programming language. Module functionality is immediately available on the client side using Javascript module calls. Use the FriendUP APIs to protect and differentiate between user access and admin access to enable user levels in your client side application.

Network node computing in a mesh

Connect multiple Friend Cores together to form a mesh. Utilize several servers in a single application for load balancing and resource distribution.

Rapid virtual file system development

Develop DOS drivers to access cloud storage or abstract network services using the FriendUP file system abstraction layer, Dormant. In FriendUP, anything can be represented as a file system, allowing any web or server application easy access to advanced functionality and storage.

Distributed software libraries

Any FriendUP DOS driver can expose libraries to the client. Call remote library functions through FriendUP’s virtual file systems. Let your client side applications gain access to advanced server features by tunneling server functionality through virtual client side libraries.

High performance, multi-threaded server design

Friend Core is developed using portable, multi-threaded C. This allows the highest possible network performance on any host platform. The multi-threaded design allows multiple network requests to be immediately executed at once.

Static file cache

Static files are cached in memory to enable the fastest possible delivery to web clients. Allows cache control using the web interface.

Multiple architectures

Friend Core is ported to Windows 32/64 and Linux and compiles on Intel and ARM platforms like Raspberry PI. Several other ports are in progress.