Friend Documentation

Friend Unifying Platform Documentation

Friend documentation is divided into volumes. Each volume is concerned with a particular topic. Below you can find our current volumes laid out for;

  • programmers in general
  • programmers interacting with the Friend Core server
  • basic use of the Friend Shell as well as shell scripting

Click on the thumbnails to download.

FriendUP Developer's Manual Volume 1 - Programmers
FriendUP Developer's Manual Volume 2 - Friend DOS and Shell
FriendUP Developer's Manual Volume 3 - Friend Core API Documentation

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The Friend documentation volumes are bundled with every Friend distribution (e.g. Github, They are available in System:Documentation/ (or in Documentation/ in the quick launch menu on the Dock).

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You can find us online on IRC  on freenode:6667 in the #friendup channel