Friend announces partnership with Hove Medical Systems AS

Friend announces partnership with Hove Medical Systems AS

Hove Medical Systems AS develops and supplies System X, which is the market leading Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) in primary health care in Norway. Hove's vision has always been to deliver the most efficient EMR system, maximizing the available time for treatment.

In recent years, increased capacity in Norsk Helsenett (Norwegian Health Network) has made it possible to deliver EMR as a cloud service. “Instead of just delivering System X on it’s own as a cloud service, we considered the full range of IT-related capabilities needed at our customer offices", says Hove CEO Yngve Svensson. “Today, a modern medical office utilizes a number of applications that interact with the EMR system. Thus, we have chosen a platform that can distribute more than just System X.”

The Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP) clearly demonstrated the capacity to deploy System X as a cloud service without compromising the user experience. Furthermore, Hove have successfully expanded the project to include external equipment, such as ECG and spirometry and associated software. Thus, we developed the concept "Hove Total", allowing any vendor in our customer segment to include its application in our platform. This enables us to move all the locally installed software into a cloud distributed environment which removes all the maintenance challenges caused by local IT-installations.

FriendUP was developed by the Norwegian company Friend Software Corporation, headquartered in Stavanger. “The vision of Friend is to revolutionize access and distribution of software and services in the cloud, thus facilitate user access to all programs and data from any device", says Arne Peder Blix (CEO). “Hove and Friend share a common vision; it should be easy for customers to access all programs and data without having to deal with complicated infrastructure locally installed. Friend is very proud to be chosen as a supplier to the project and look forward to help making the work day easier through Hove Total”.

Commercial rollout will begin at the end of Q1 this year. “So far, the feedback from users of Hove Total has been very positive, and we are looking forward to on-board existing and new customers to this solution.”, says Yngve Svensson.

For enquiries please contact:

Arne Peder Blix
CEO Friend Software Corporation
tel.: +47 97 06 07 27

Yngve Svensson
Hove Medical Systems AS
tel.: 4822 5780