Weekly Friend UPdate – Week ending 25th March 2018

Weekly Friend UPdate - Week ending 25th March 2018

Message from the CEO - Arne Peder Blix

It has been a pleasure to spend two weeks “on the road” covering LA, London and Hong Kong (Token 2049) and now Rome - meeting with a lot of our Friends, fans, potential clients, existing partners, contributors and potential contributors of various sizes (whales, fish, guppies and VCs). We are working hard to fill up the pre-sale with contributors who have genuine interest in the product, the project and the vision and mission.  


We meet a lot of enthusiasm around Friend. One of the biggest challenges seems to be that many do not understand what Friend is and what the benefits are. This is a recurring challenge for emerging technologies and particularly so for Friend.

Who understood the internet in 1995? Who understood blockchain in 2009?

To put things in perspective in this time of the Facebook Calamity

What is the tension?
The big boys only give you access if they can monetise your data.

What is the business opportunity?
Access the world without giving the world access to your data.

What's the story?
All your data without giving away your privacy.

Imagine Google drive across all your devices - Without the Google bit.

Imagine Dropbox across all your devices. Without the Dropbox bit.

FriendUP the World. Not your data.

Shared infrastructure owned by its users. This becomes your “mainframe”.

You access Your virtual cloud computer via any browser which is your “terminal”.

We need help

In order to be able to do this, we are DEPENDENT upon your continued contributions in the pre-sale. We are very grateful for those who already have contributed to the project. Thank you for your support!

At the moment, we have had to decline several great opportunities to exhibit and showcase Friend. As the pre-sale is still not filling as fast as we hoped, we have not had the liquidity to accept the various sponsorships etc offered to us, allowing us to get the best possible global messaging. This is reducing our chances to achieve our maximum goals in the ICO.

Therefore, we ask you kindly to please make your contributions as soon as you can. Help us continue the marketing push at full strength.


Arne & Team

Developer Updates

Work is being done on version 1.2 of Friend. At the same time, we are rolling out v1.1.1 on our demo / showcase server FriendSky.cloud (this week). We are working on tuning the experience so that new users get the most out of it. And while doing so, we are making sure that there are enough interesting apps so that users can really get their hands dirty.

Work has also progressed on the Friend Network code. By v1.2 you will be able to see it in WideWeb, our Friend Network web browser. And you will be able to remotely access your trusted friends’ own cloud computers across the network.

FUI (Friend User Interface) is also coming into being. v1.2 will have a demonstration app where you can play with the GUI controls and also have a go at building some user interfaces as well.

We have a new experimental Database class for developers. This will allow them to connect to their own MySQL servers. This Database class is agnostic to database implementation on the server side, and prepares us for supporting Fluence as soon as possible.

Friend Chat has received a “classroom mode”, allowing users to stream their live sessions while viewers can participate by using our chat rooms. Additionally, Friend Chat is getting a much more powerful - and easy to use - GUI. This will please a lot of our users who have come back to us with constructive feedback. Work is also progressing on making Friend Chat more robust in live sessions where users experience high latency networks. This will eventually allow you to host large conferences with perhaps a dozen participants or more.

Work is also underway on our IPFS DOS driver. No promises - but this one may be available for testing soon. Let’s cross our fingers for v1.2.

We have gained access to a big cluster of servers from our good friends. This allows us to test our new clustering technology in a realistic environment. This is for massively scaling FriendUP to thousands, and perhaps millions of users. We will quietly expose this clustered network to our FriendSky users once it is ready.


This has been another successful and busy week for Friend.

More and more people are starting to understand the power and importance of Friend in the greater picture of things. All the wonderful people joining our Telegram group and other social media are giving us positive energy to focus and work hard.

We are just a few users away from tipping over 40,000 members in our Telegram community!  

If you haven’t joined yet, join the conversation today - https://t.me/friendupcloud


As per our statistics we are overbooked. All you need is to now convert your pledged amount into the contribution by sending your ETH.

The pre-sale is starting to pick up great speed. The market is turbulent, but our ICO is locked to ETH, so in relative terms your contribution with ETH is fine and with Fiat the timing to get in is probably good!

If you want to help out, please send your contributions now. The stronger we are as a community-funded project, the better terms we get vs. the professional capital which we also need to have onboard.

That is why your help and contribution is Important. The minimum contribution is set to only 0.1 ETH. Get the ball rolling and receive your 20% bonus now! Let's make the world more Friendly: https://tge.friendup.cloud/


We had our first global webinars streamed live from Hong Kong using our own FriendChat software to answer the many questions from our Friends and Contributors.

You can find the two webinar recordings and a blog post with answered questions here.

Many questions were left unanswered as we ran out of time. We see a huge interest to Friend with many valid questions, suggestions and partner offerings. And have decided to launch weekly live webinars to engage with our audience directly.



Special discount for Friend community members at Oslo Blockchain Day - April 24th.

We have partnered with Oslo Blockchain Day happening on April 24th at the rustic, urban DOGA Arena in the center of Oslo!

We are happy to be able to offer you a participant discount of 60% if you use the code FRIEND while registering here.


ICO Visions podcast did a 1 hour special on Friend this week.

Our friends at AMBCrypto explain how Friend is the development and deployment platform for the new Internet.

Join us on Social Media to follow our journey: Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Twitter or our

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