How It Works

The Friend Platform

Friend is the first hardware agnostic, multi-kernel (over a network) operating system - a true next generation end-user and developer platform that can revolutionize the cloud market and indeed how we use personal computers.
  • Deploy using all the power of an Android
    or Chrome OS like system for desktops or mobile devices
  • Distribute access to your friends in mere seconds
  • Convenient web access globally through a browser tab

The Friend Store will allow software developers to earn money for the work based on both one off fees, subscription models and new flexible models for shared revenue between application developers, content creators, infrastructure providers and subject matter experts.


The Friend Network empowers developers to create revolutionary p2p applications based on already available technology - combining and unifying access to a plethora of functionality.


The FRND token will provide users with access to the decentralized Friend Network where they can use apps and services via new and exciting revenue models – with no middle man.

Friend's unique token model brings an innovative new method of trading online, and makes sure that the users are incentivised for their participation as developers, customers or community contributors.

Five pillars

Friend is build on five principles: Empowerment, Freedom, Integration, Intelligence, Privacy. This is our foundational pillars that underpin our vision.
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