The FRND token

The FRND token

The FRND token holds the economic model of the Friend Network cloud. It aims to introduce a fairer model for trade between individuals and commercial entities. It tries to nurture stronger privacy and personal ownership over own data, property and subscriptions. FRND is also a means for incentivising the organic, user-driven growth of the infrastructure nodes in the network.

The Friend Network Token FRND will be the token for the internet and Blockchain operating system - the Friend Unifying Platform. It will be the only means of direct payment in the Friend Store. In addition it will be a means of reward for infrastructure contributors in the Friend Network.

The Friend Network Token FRND will be used to ensure that the Friend Network will eventually can become self-governing, i.e. owned and governed by its users. Using the FRND token, we can incentivize users to propose changes to the Network and vote on their priority. Thereby, we will be able to gradually evolve the governance of the smart contract, turning it slowly into a distributed autonomous organisation.


FRND will be used to pay for applications and services in the Friend Store. Just like a centralised app store, the Friend store will offer a convenient way for users to find applications, games and digital services.



FRND will allow developers offer subscription models. We plan to cooperate with new emerging service providers like to offer state of the art functionality and fair revenue sharing for both developers, content creators and other creatives.



FRND will be rewarded to users who run Friend Server servers. The Friend Core will contain functionality to enable microtransactions based on transferred bytes as well as storage and CPU usage on a participants’ systems. End users will be able to choose to connect to the nearest access node or to a further node that might be cheaper.



FRND will also be rewarded to Friend Workspace users who offer legitimate services through the Friend Store served from their Friend client (either in a web browser or Friend app).


The FRND token

The overall goal of the Friend Unifying Platform is to enable easy access to and distribution of both Blockchain based and other internet based solutions. Our token, FRND, can be rewarded to providers of other Blockchain services in the Friend Network like or We will work with the best of breed token conversion/exchange solutions to make sure everything runs optimally with as little overhead and friction as possible.

Overall the use case scope of the Friend token ranges from microtransactions for providers that help the Friend Network become a global, low latency access platform. It continues with Friend Store applications and services that can both be bought or paid for based on subscription, use or one-time access.

We base our FRND token on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. But this does not bind Friend as a technology platform to any specific Blockchain. We allow developers to integrate any technology stack they see fit and actively support integration efforts.