Join the Friend Community

We are continuing with the Friend v1.0.1 development effort, and we are sure you will really like the improvements we are making.

We are addressing a lot of topics articulated in the feedback from you. For example, our installers have been improved, now working on even more Linux distributions and architectures. We have also improved how you attach new disks to the Workspace, and we have made Friend Chat more intuitive to use.

In the mean time, we have started focusing on productisation and polishing Friend for both developers and users. We will be presenting a new default look for Friend, based on your feedback. We will also make it simpler for Windows users, by adding a start menu.

Technically, we are progressing according to plan and closing in on the next release. But in this crucial time, we need to further increase the activity in our growing community. At the moment, more than 2.000 testers are accessing our demo server. A high percentage of these are developers, but we need more – lots more.
We encourage you to come together in our community channels so that we can help you in making the best of your testing and development efforts. If you are building a solution using Friend, we want to get involved, if possible, so that we can support you in your developments.

WATCH: Let us introduce you to Anneke Leigh, our Friend Community Manager.

Community Channels

The FriendUP community project is dispersed in several channels and social media platforms. You will find a link to each one on the bottom of this e-mail. But it is very important to us that as many of you as possible participate in our:

Developer Forums – where we can discuss with a permanent record that is searchable and easy to organize
Internet Relay Chat – where we discuss daily in real time
Friend Community – a place for all users to engage with us and each other

If you have any interesting project or ideas, we would very much like to talk to you! Please engage with us, and we will organize a Friend Chat video conference with you online. If you are working on something interesting with potential for the community at large, you have a chance to participate in our weekly video podcasts.

We are determined to become known as the company that really listens and responds, so please register with us and let us prove that we are indeed your Friend.

Thank you