Liquid Software Kernel

Early on in its development, it became apparent to our developers that to build our cloud GUI, a web based desktop environment, we needed a custom web server with kernel like features. Additionally, it was decided that the most important, time critical features would benefit from having been written in a fast, low level programming language. The result was what we have coined our Liquid Software Kernel – Friend Core. This server is built in C with highly optimized algorithms that give users and developers powerful, high speed functionality on the server side.


Friend Core is written in highly optimized, multi-threaded C. Taking advantage of features distinctive to various platforms like Linux and Windows, we achieve the best performance on each server platform. Multi-threading allows network calls to the server to respond immediately, without delay.


Being built to deliver operating system components, the central layer, Dormant, is a full DOS environment that is used as the central communication protocol between all server sub systems. This allows both applications as well as libraries, modules and even users to use a common language when interacting with each other. Being a universal language for data objects, the Dormant layer exposes all system functionality with built-in, multi-user security features to boot.


Friend Core is modular. The modules extend the system with any functionality required by applications on the server side. The modules can be written using many programming languages like Node/Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl or Java. The modules are user and group permission sensitive, allowing for various degrees of access control. Using our highly optimized core, time to first byte (TTFB) round trips are kept to a minimum.


An operating system can not achieve much without file system drivers. Friend Core provides a file system driver API that allows developers to build support for any file system using several programming languages. Each driver is called a DOS driver, relating to our Dormant DOS layer. Each DOS driver builds on a handler that provides the programming interface for the driver. This allows high-speed C based file systems as well as scripted drivers written in languages like PHP.
A DOS driver implements basic functions for reading and writing. Each driver is extended from a unified system managing file permissions. Additionally, each driver can implement their own library calls, allowing for virtual libraries that can be built using the DOS driver itself. A DOS driver deployed library allows developers to empower client side applications with server side functionality over the network.


Friend Core can be extended using run-time linked libraries written in C. This allows developers to achieve great performance for their time critical tasks. C based libraries are tied to a host operating system and may be architecture dependent. Because of this, such libraries are strictly aimed at integrating with specific targets.