4 Exciting New Features Coming Soon To Friend

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In this week’s Friend UPdate, we look at 4 exciting new features coming soon to Friend to allow you to access the platform much more easily, host your own server or virtual machine, produce your own videos, hugely improve your WordPress website and run legacy applications in Friend.

How do I host my own Friend UP server?

The Friend Platform is aimed at developers, users and testers as well as companies or organisations who want to deploy Friend in the cloud.

This will allow easy deployment to amazon with a standardised Amazon image.

Can I install Friend UP in a virtual machine?

Yes! The Friend Platform will soon offer Virtualbox images for easy testing and development.

Can I install Friend UP on a Raspberry Pi?

We have the Friend Unifying Platform running internally on the Raspberry Pi, an installer will be made available very soon for you to install Friend on your own machine.

How can I record a video chat for Youtube?

Friend Cloud Studio is an exciting adaptation of our powerful video conferencing software Friend Chat for the purpose of video blogging.

We have worked with content creators to best suit the purposes and support all the features you need to easily create your own Youtube video chats. It will also support titling, transitions and effects as well as management of video chat participants.

Make WordPress more powerful and easier to use

Our Webstretcher technology will make Friend available as a plugin for WordPress.

This will enable you to stretch your capabilities in your existing WordPress website. Add much more storage space and include applets in the form of Friend Apps or Games directly in your pages and posts.

How can I run Windows apps in Friend UP?

Our Liberator technology will be made available soon and allow you to run existing Windows applications within the Friend Desktop Environment.

This means you can access your Windows Server anywhere you go on any web enabled device. Run Windows programs on your iPhone or Android device, it will be easy with Liberator!

What is FriendUP?

Friend is a system that gives you a powerful virtual cloud computer in a browser tab. It is a Unifying Platform that works across operating systems and devices. It enables developers to build rich applications that make use of cloud storage and other internet based resources. While offering a simple way for developers to distribute their applications in the cloud, it allows users to access these applications anywhere they go, using any device that has a web browser.

With Friend, you can now build advanced solutions in the cloud as if the internet itself was a computer.

FriendUP website: https://friendup.cloud/