Open source

FriendUP is available as open source for everybody to try out, extend and built fantastic applications on.

We are happy to announce the release of FriendUP version 1.0.0.

FriendUP version 1.0.0 is the first complete open source release of the platform. It introduces a complete vision for the next paradigm in computing. FriendUP comes complete with a powerful kernel-like web server that supports multiple protocols and data sources, next to resource- and user session management. This offers javascript developers a fresh backendless environment in which to accelerate their development of exciting new applications and games.

Across devices

With its responsive desktop environment and client-side, javascript based technologies, FriendUP offers a new reality where you work and play online, independently from your local web enabled hardware. By supporting all screen formats, from mobile phones to laptops and VR, FriendUP is a single target through which you can reach the entire user market. We have used considerable amount of time on making the FriendUP APIs simple and easy to understand. That is also why we are packaging the FriendUP Developers Manual with this release. In its third draft, it will soon cover the entire 1.0.x platform.

Distributed and powerful

FriendUP aims to make the powerful emerging web technologies easy to work with. This is why we reach out to you, to help us enrich this platform with DOS drivers, modules, libraries and apps so that we can cover all of the interesting technologies out there that people use and love. In the Future, FriendUP will be to the cloud users what Linux is for machines.

Getting started

Just clone this repository, run the script and follow the on screen instructions. This script should run on most modern linux distributions. Post to the Developer Community if you run into any problems here.

git clone

NB: Do not install using your MySQL root user.

Default login

Once the installation script is finished and your local FriendCore is up and running use these credentials to log in: fadmin/securefassword.


You can find the developer documentation in the docs folder. An administration guide will be added soon.


FriendUP is a large system consisting of several layers. It has a kernel core that is managing the Friend resources. This one is licensed under the MIT license. Then it has modules, DOS drivers and runtime linked libraries. These are licensed under the LGPLv3 license. Finally, we have the GUI for Friend - the Friend Workspace. This is licensed under the AGPLv3 license.

Developer Community

We invite everybody to join our developer community at

Demo server

For those that just want to test our Workspace, you can try our demo after registering at