World's first decentralised, open source and device independent computer

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Your personal blockchain-ready, private computer.

Connect any time, from any device.


Owned and shaped by the community.


Controlled democratically with no single point of failure.


A computer for every task, not limited by your own hardware.


Access your personal workspace from anywhere.

Partners & Friends

Creating a network of
independent nodes that provide a
decentralized, end-to-end encrypted
database service.

Creating a global
open source, decentralized
supercomputer that
anyone can access.

Multinational networking,
telecommuncations equipment,
and services company. Largest
manufacturer in the world.

Road Map

Token Distribution





Friend Team


Friend Network AS
2,000,000,000 FRND
1,640,000,000 FRND
1 FRND = 0.00005 ETH
0.1 ETH

Press Coverage

The Team

Arne Peder Blix
Founder - CEO

Successfully grown several startups
into multi million dollar companies,
primarily in the Fintech space.

Hogne Titlestad
Founder - Inventor - COO

Visionary programmer. Have
developed numerous amazing
projects and invented Friend OS.

Thomas Wollburg

Seasoned developer with
20 years experience in
delivering leading solutions.

Jolanda Engelvaart
Chairman - CFO

Accounting & Finance
professional with more than
10 years experience.

Christoffer Herheim
Chief Commercial Officer

Business professional, previously
Senior Advisor at Equatex global for
corporate finance & development.

Rune Trengereid
CEO Softmerge

Analytical and driven executive
blending strong business and
technical acumen.

Paul Lassa
Chief Product Officer

Delivering utility, performance, and
craftsmanship in hardware & software.
20+ patents at SanDisk in USB & SSD's.

David Pleasance
International Sales and Marketing

Highly experienced sales &
marketing veteran on an international
level. Past; Head of Commodore UK.

François Lionet
Senior Software Engineer

Discovered computers in 1981.
Creator of AMOS Basic.
Main developer of Friend Network.

Espen Olsen
Software Engineer

Engineering career started with LEGO.
Amiga500 was his first computer.
Main developer of Friend Chat.

Paweł Stefański
Software Engineer

Early into computer technology.
Past; Schneider Electric, Airbus, ING.
Main developer of Friend Core.

Artur Langner
Systems engineer

Experienced software developer
and network administrator.
Licensed amateur radio operator.

Chris Andre Strømland
Software Engineer

Experienced web developer with a
passion for decentralized systems.
Creator of Friend Community.

Fritz Fjellaker
Art Director

Years of experience within art,
advertisment and communication.
With passion for life.

Terje Gausel
Business Developer Nordics

Business developer and sales person
with passion for innovative people and
companies with great ideas & visions.

Colin Proudfoot
Financial Advisor

Successful executive with multi
billion companies and startups.
Over 30 years in high tech.

Anneke Leigh
Business Advisor

Experienced executive leader,
known for ‘getting stuff done’;
passion for mentoring people.

Liat Perlman
Business Advisor

Sales and alliance leader.
Builds ecosystems that deliver
revenue, seats, influence and brand.

Barry Kirk
Business Advisor

Senior experienced entrepreneur
with over 40years in legacy software.
with passion for solving challenges.

Dan Wood
Media Manager - Europe/UK

Experienced Broadcaster and
Communicator. Translates technology
into something everybody understands.

Adam Spring
Media Manager - USA

Technologist, Business Strategist
and Communicator. With 12 years
experience in high end technologies.

Torbjørn Rott
Project Manager

Experienced systems architect
and entrepreneur. With passion for
the simple life and family.

Advisers & Evaluators

Mikko Terho
CTO MS & SM Finland, Huawei

Global responsibility for Huawei
mobile OS strategies and widely
considered and exceptional visionary.

Owen Barnes
Blockchain Advisor

Loves to create beautiful products
that surprise and delight. Main skill is
seeing how something *should* work.

Jens Guthe
Partner at GK Banking Partners

Senior banker, consultant & manager
with over 30 years of International
and banking experience.

Mark Turell
WEF Advisor on Blockchain

Expert in strategy and business
planning, With more than 10 years
experience in the sector.

Eric Egnet
Executive Advisor / CIO

Seasoned executive, business
strategist, senior technologist,
and blockchain leader.

Alexander Bakos Leirvåg
Norwegian Ethereum pioneer

Passionate about data science
and enjoy the challenge of getting
value out of data.

Pekka Abrahamsson
Professor at University of Jyväskylä


Caradoc Peters
Lecturer at University of Plymouth



“The first true platform for liquid software”
“Hogne Titlestad is the new Linus Torvalds”

Professor Pekka Abrahamson, former Nokia

"Every once in a while a company comes along
with the expertise and vision to transform
an industry. Friend could do just that.”

One of our investors

“Friend has engaged the liquid software revolution
by stabilising the ocean of different machines.
This may lead to a world digital tsunami...”

Francois Lionet, inventor of AMOS


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