A professional Workspace in the cloud

The Friend Workspace is a fully featured desktop environment built using web technologies. Because of this, it works in a browser tab. This means that you can use it on any device that is web capable. Access your work anywhere. Access your files wherever you are. Enjoy client speed with no lag while you are on a low bandwidth network. This is the future of working in a cloud powered office.

FriendUP delivers a high performance user experience that expands on the functionality you have come to rely on using Windows, Mac OS and Linux desktops. It combines years worth of User Interface experience into a user friendly environment that is accessible on any computer with an internet connection.

Responsive technology

HTML5 has been designed to be sensitive to different paradigms like touch and WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mouse and Pointer). Smart phones and tablets are used differently compared to laptops and work stations. The Friend Workspace is built using the same technologies that are found in web sites. Because of this, we have been able to build responsive design principles into the desktop environment so that it works elegantly with both touch as well as traditional mouse and keyboard input devices.

With the Friend Workspace, you can now use the same environment on all of your devices – even on your Smart TV. The User Interface adapts to the way you are used to operate on different devices. But you will find that underneath the surface, you are really using the same system no matter which device you have at hand. You are always home. You always have access.