Answering Your Questions About Friend

You’ve been asking many questions about the Friend Unifying Platform, and in the first of a new series we’ll be aiming to answer them in regular blogs and videos.

If you’d like to get in touch, please visit our developer forums, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

How does Friend relate to Linux?

The Friend Unifying Platform is an open source virtual computer. Friend can run as a server on many platforms including Linux, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and soon we will have installs you can install natively on your own hardware. Plus, you can run Friend inside a virtual machine with our Virtual Box images.

Can I install Friend on the Raspberry Pi?

Our team have a port of Friend running on the Raspberry Pi and similar ARM based devices. This will be released after some more polishing and development, but yes – it is coming!

Does Friend work with Firefox Quantum?

We have been testing the Friend Workspace inside the new Firefox Quantum with much success. It runs fine and all features work, but there are currently some WebRTC differences when video chatting between Chrome clients and Firefox clients.

WATCH: Dan and Adam answer some of your questions about the Friend Unifying Platform in our latest video.

When will Friend Unifying Platform v1.0.1 be released?

We hope to have FriendUP v1.0.1 out this month (October 2017). Our entire development team is working in sprints to complete this as soon as possible.

How can I run Windows applications inside Friend?

We are working on packaging our Liberator suite. The packaging is what takes time, but it will be out as soon as it is ready.

Is there any easy way to use IPFS?

We have an experimental IPFS driver running inside the Friend Worksplace already but we haven’t published it yet, as we need to do some more testing. We ought to be able to deliver an IPFS driver by the end of October.

How can I get help using Friend?

You can access the Friend Community by signing up at – this may be the easiest option if you do not have a Friend account.

If you do have a Friend account, you can create an account in Friend Chat or by using the Friend Community app.

The FriendUP community project is dispersed in several channels and social media platforms. You will find a link to each one on the bottom of this e-mail. But it is very important to us that as many of you as possible participate in our:

Developer Forums – where we can discuss with a permanent record that is searchable and easy to organize
Internet Relay Chat – where we discuss daily in real time
Friend Community – a place for all users to engage with us and each other